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tv   [untitled]    August 22, 2014 10:30pm-11:01pm PDT

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the hotels and helps others businesses working as well we're an industry of 24 you thousand employees and 57 period of time live and work in san francisco as a benefit of the expansion of mucus really helps our citizens not only working but enjoying our community. i want to thank you and encourage you approve the eir before you today. thank you so much >> thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm scott i'm managing director for the yerba buena center i'm speaking on behalf of myself and our director. >> the yerba buena center supports the mucus project and the mucus center we appreciate the designer teams listening to the community and viewing the
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design it is a better design and function and creates numerous pedestrian and public realm improvements and finally we ask the city and mucus team to continue the partnership that's been long-standing between the divisions thank you. >> thank you. >> commissioners excuse me. commissioner president wu and director ram i'm andrew be robison with the district i'm here to advocate for the commitments to the improvements in the public realm as the cd said before we support the mucus center and recognize it's benefits to the active streetscapes, however, it will
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increase the pedestrians traffic and in response we want to make sure the funding happens on the east side we are pleased that the property pedestrian bridge the remnant of the bridge will be funding for that. we want to see the enforcement officers during the conferences that is probably the biggest supports to the pedestrian supports on conference day a bit more attendance we need on bicycling there's a bike share share in the yerba buena gardens plaza adjacent to the theatre i'll encourage the project team to make sure there's cooperation with other planned bike consortiums on howard and
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fulsome street finally, i want to thank the mucus team for engaging the neighborhood the teams response all reflected in the eir and i'm hoping that the outcome of the mucking center has ground and we welcome pits integration into that community >> thank you. additional speakers (calling names) >> good afternoon commissioners my name is jennifer i'm the project manager at spur and here to support the mucus center first of all, that project we appreciate the economic significance of the tremendous importance of tourism in san francisco and ridicule the sites social and contacts the yerba buena sites is a community resource so the needs of the
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mucus center must be balanced. we evaluated the project according to land use and building design and economical effect we find the design commendable it will improve the realm 6th and it will improve the pedestrian environment by bringing facades of mucus north and south closer to howard street and it will be repalatium for pedestrians the third street ramps to the loading docks will-less on the impacts opening up morality space on howard we are intrigued by the children's garden and welcome the better for block and the emphasis and
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encouraged the project design team to select the right uses and visible he elements to make it better the way it is constructed and managed will help to keep it safe. we kurng the bridge across howard we believe the simplified bridge option improves the circulation on howard street near the carrousel and it will significantly improve the site we appreciate the outreach that the project sponsor has taken with the other stakeholders to address the concerns race and we encourage the commission to move forward on this project today. thank you very much >> next speaker. >> good afternoon, commissioners.
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my name is peter heart man a resident homeowner and an immediate neighbor of mucus center i live at third and fulsome over 20 years now. and i'm also a member of the mucus strategic advisory group and i've watched the evolution of the project that is a great project and deserves our support. i i know in my long career as the city planning i've had an opportunity to go to conventions and conferences around the entry and in mucus meetings in the mucus center the difference can be striking with some of the other convention facilities the spaces are much bigger continued spaces are much bigger and the
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competing facilities. and this, of course, you've heard will allow mucus to update it's facility to be flexible for the customers needs e needs whether chicago or orlando and other cities those conferences continue. from my standpoint you've heard about the pedestrian improvements i highly agree that that will improve any pedestrian experiences as a resident of the area particularly along third street that i walk sometimes several times a day which right now if you have been down on the block of fulsome >> howard it is on a experience that will improve it quite a bit and break up the block.
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mucus center has been from my point of view a very good neighbor and contributes is a lot of vital to the neighborhood people that attend the meetings at mucus center spend money and support our local businesses the bars and restaurants and galleries in the neighborhood and i'd like to see this continue. so, please support the project. thank you >> thank you. >> good afternoon, everyone. commissioners my name is joe ann desmond a member of the local 16 i'm here to speak on behalf of the mucus expansion project? a wufr opportunity for san francisco to continue to attract high-level conferences as well as maintain the current efforts
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that be growing. without the mucus expansion san francisco risks losing how profile conferences to california and other states the mucking expansion is essential to maintaining good wages and benefits for the members of local 16, the other employees at the mucking center as well as other businesses that support this industry. we'll appreciated our consideration thank you. thank you. next speaker. . >> good afternoon commissioners. commissioner president wu and director ram i'm kathy the executive director of the yerba buena community district i thank you for the opportunity to speak about the eir. has been mentioned previously the neighborhood has been transformed over the last thirty
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plus years to the increasing number of residents there's over 10 thousand people that that live within the yerba buena area the yerba buena gardens is a focal points it's critical to the neighborhood vitality. i want to speak today in support of the overall project and all the public space improvements specifically funding improvements so far the children's garden area and the western pedestrian bridge both of those amenities are well loved in the neighborhood. i'd like to ask funds be looked for the pedestrian safety consortiums as referenced in the eir and that mucking continues to make the annual payments in closing i'd like to thank the mucking expansion team for listening to the neighborhood
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and making adjustment that improved the overall project we look forward to a vibrant conference center that serves the city as well. thank you >> thank you. >> good afternoon commissioners and commissioner president wu and director ram i'm mary with the management group our firm has the privilege of providing the management services to yerba buena gardens and i'm here to speak in support of the mucus project and to speak to the improvements of the children's gardener in particular those improvements provide more useful and flexible spaces for the children to play currently, we have 2 hundred thousand kids a year that use the garden we expect more attendance with the families moving in and those greater attendance numbers are
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anticipated in the new design of the children's garden we'll be accommodating those numbers with more rooms and a complete redesign of the flexible spaces. i want to speak to the comments about the community building through the design process and that's very true. many of the members of the design team meeting met with the parents and the janitor and the engineers in the garden that teach the other children in the learning garden everybody was part of the process and it's been beautifully designed. it is my duty to close all of us who work in the gardens are expecting increased attention on the street and we request that
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you fined the new pedestrian improvements thank you very much. thank you is there any additional public comment >> thank you, commissioners i'm dick i've been the general manager of the mucus center for 32 years and been involved with the two previous projects i want to thank you in advance. >> thank you. >> sue hester i've had my office at market and polling for 32 years the mucus center has been opened less than that. i think the planning commission has a bigger responsibility now the redevelopment agency it no
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more there's no one left to have a hearing on the area around the heart of the mucus center it was really needed i speak as someone that's been watching the conferenceers coming down irving and fourth a big intersection it's one of the main impediments to circulation in that area the traffic is helter-sketler and the pedestrians are out i have control and a lot of the people going through the intersection are going to the convention you see the badges on their chests i was disappointed in the eir the eir basically said it was foreign territory when our talking about fourth of market they only deal with fulsome and
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howard. the reality is people live the convention center and head to their hotel down eric street and market street. there's really insignificant traffic control pedestrian control we need desperately widened sidewalks every time a convention is in the blocks howard street the traffic the muni is ridiculous. because it is an obstruction of the main thoroughfare we have the world's most tim i do control officers they don't yell
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at the pedestrians to stop blocking the traffic we need a lot of attention paid if increase no real development agency no more the planning commission has to convene and hearing who do we go to. it because what is in the eir is kind of insulting it doesn't say those are valid conditions the situation is in a bad condition the flow of traffic is not a valid condition and because the construction is not a condition. so not so thank you >> thank you. is there any additional public comment oak seeing none, public comment is closed. i want to thank the mucking team for your presentation and the public that came out i agree
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with wholeheartedly the team is taking this seriously i appreciate you characterize the design to the project it is not feeling going to to hearing the community i hope that spirit is taken into the future >> commissioner antonini. >> thank you for an excellent report and from what i'm hearing is listen to comments from the neighborhood. seems to be addressing them i hope that continues end up with a good sidewalk management and traffic control plans in e nucleus it is a part we have to
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address this in a variety of ways particularly the central somewhat subway and the center corridor we're going to be working on that to incorporate all of that to make transit traffic more and more move more wisely through the area. and the only thing i'll comment on i think this is a great first step i may have mentioned this is from the 25th largest convention center to the 17 largest in the united states. as a city we're somewhere between 12 and 14th larger in population there are others cities that are of the same population but more important than that there are a lot of cities that attract the convention because of the appearance and the larger ones
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that attack if you kwemgz by a more significant thing the convention center is the largest in the i didn't in you include the santa fe but people think of conventions more important in terms of world and national interest san francisco rates between the top three or four people want to go to conferences as we move forward this is a first step we'll have to continue to look at fire chief expansion to allow us to have conventions that allow more space as what happens time going on kwemgz bet larger and will
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attract more people. the good thing we may not have the largest convention center but one of the most attractive with the open spaces and we have a place that oofrlz the area and the buildings it's a very nice experience and probably other places i'm not only speaking for one spotty happened to see that one i'm very much in favor of the project and support it. >> commissioner sugaya. >> thank you yes. when john comes to speak i'm other than the edge of my seat. i note that nike has said that he i don't think hesitate one hundred percent supportive as he
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said but it comes down to the center making a lot of accommodations for what the community minded especially in terms of the traffic transportation on 79sz pedestrian side for him to say it's a matter of some details i think is quite commend able to the project sponsor to accommodate the needs of todco in the community. that said i know there's been a letter sent to the commissioners in which i think john is still hedging his bets to make sure that things get implementedrepo
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>> so i don't know question he guess is are any of the items that were set are any of the requests part of our specific approval today or not mr. staff and number one number 2 is the comment. >> hi commissioner johnson there are through the mitigation monitoring program that is a result of the eir and included in the condition of the approval there's mitigation dealing with the pcos to have the translation management plan that includes the discussion around parking control officers as well as if you want more details i can i'm going to turn it over to the colleagues and the m m rp are
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conditions of the entitlements their included. >> as i saw the m m r t that was my question thank you very much. a couple of other things i ask those questions because being on the successor commission i agree because of the dividing of the redevelopment a lot of the forums for public comment and also for looking at this project we're sort of taken away i appreciate the project sponsor was able to work with the community i see that a lot really, really positive changes have been made. one final thing on transportation i know that one person mentioned bicycle safety and neglecting through the area i have the same concern when i was on another agency commission
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i don't think there's enough done on bicycle safety there small business specific at least sort of shared bike lanes added to the project and i'm not sure the mitigation of saying that traffic south of the bike lane will be moved by the parking control officer parking control officers will be getting to the networking of howard street i'll add that in as a potential thought are some of the changes that are part of the project sponsor specifically part of the approvals today, i wasn't sure that my comment needed to be part of the motion i don't think it does that's my comment i'm supportive of the project and thank you >> commissioners there's a motion and second to certify the environmental impact report with the staff. >> on that motion. commissioner antonini.
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commissioner hillis. commissioner johnson. commissioner sugaya. commissioner fong and commissioner president wu. so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 6 to zero. >> go ahead and move to approve items can i do it if bulk 13 abc. >> d is a variance sorry. >> the zoning administrator. >> on that motion to adapt the sequa finding to approval the determination of compliance and the consideration of the general plan referral. commissioner antonini. commissioner hillis. commissioner johnson. commissioner sugaya. commissioner fong. commissioner president wu. so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously zoning administrator would say close the public hearing and grant the variance >> thank you commissioners i zoning administrator that will
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place you on item 16 of your regular calendar for the next case. at 2369 mission street request for conditional use authorizati authorization. >> good afternoon. eric can jackson planning staff before you, you have a conditional use authorization to establish a new retail mobile within one thousand one hundreds square feet on mission street no changes to the building are property as part of the project
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the project is a relocation of the t mobile store the project was note for the 20 days time periods commissioner johnson wanted me to clarify the commission has received no comment and this is for a new formula retail use within the transit zoning district and with the bulk district that concludes my presentation. i'm available for questions. >> thank you project sponsor. >> no project sponsor? okay opening for public comment is there any public comment on this item seeing none, public
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comment is closed commissioner antonini >> well, despite the absence of project sponsor it seems pretty state your name for the record we're basically having a relocation of the same formula retail use from one location to another as was presented in the staff report we have quite a few of the active commercial spots and only 24 are formula retail so there's not a proliferation of that and 50 vacancies so, i mean you don't know i don't think this has a negative impact navigate it's a positive one everybody's is afraid of the digital divide and having the access to the types of devices you'll need to become involved with the type of communications with cell phones and muni annie think it's a good thing i move
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to approve. >> commissioner moore. >> i want to talk about the positive impact that formula retails are feeling the pinch on the square footage cost of the establishment. as we often is many of the formula retails occupying spaces for their use i see this as a positive move it's the first time i've seen it happen and i want to kind of say that formula retail in smaller spaces would not be as impacting as when they are occupying new spaces and not improperly using the space >> commissioner sugaya. >> yeah. i hate 2 when project sponsors are not here i don't know if i get to say it's